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About GoHPT


GoHPT provides cyber security, logistical, and training support to agencies supporting the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense.


GoHPT team members are trained to identify processes, encourage streamlining, and calculate the risks of completing tasks using a variety of methods. The end goal of every task assigned to a GoHPT team member is to: eliminate waste and reduce variation in a cost-effective and efficient manner; thereby providing a high-quality/low-cost solution that responds to the demands of the business and technology market.




National Capital Region Team Members

Our Story

Christopher Bowers

Christopher is a Chippewa Indian from the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians. His family originates from the Crane Clan.

He holds Psychology, Education, and Educational & Learning Technologies Psychology degrees from Brigham Young University-Idaho and Kent State University.

He is an accomplished Human Performance Technologist, with four years of providing services on Federal Contracts. He understands the demands placed on contracting companies to ensure that well qualified and experienced personnel are selected to provide support on contracts. While contracting for the USCG, he noticed that the HPT Model could be implemented as a Project Management tool to measure & evaluate performance, implement change, and better communicate with customers to ensure final outcomes and products exceed their expectations.


Chief Shingwaukonse

One of Christopher's ancestors is Chief Shingwaukonse. Much of Shingwaukonse's teachings can be found within GoHPT company culture:

  • We support our country in every way possible,
  • We strive to attain as much education as possible, and
  • We seek for ways to improve the lives of all those that come in contact with us.

Chief Shinguakonse (1773-1854) was an Aanishaabe Warrior Chief who fought in the War of 1812, and later negotiated and signed the Robinson-Huron Treaty. He later snowshoed from Sault Ste. Marie to York, Toronto Canada (approx 800 miles round-trip) to request a teacher for his tribe. He advocated a the creation of a "Teaching Wigwam Lodge" to create a space for people to read and write English while receiving an education to retain their traditions and culture. Chief Shingwaukanse believed in building a strong trade relationship with early settlers that eventually led to a strong mutually beneficial relationship for the tribe and the settlers in the region.



Chippewa Tribe

The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians is a Federally recognized Native American Tribe. Also known as the Anishinaabe People (the First People), we are a collection of five clans, joined together. The clans are: Crane, Rabbit, Eagle, Deer, and Bear. Each clan shares a set of talents and abilities the rest of the tribe can grow from:

    Clan Talents

  • Crane - Leadership / Direction
  • Rabbit - Knowledge
  • Eagle - Courage
  • Deer - Love
  • Bear - Health / Vision

Find out more about the Chippewa Culture and history by visiting the Tribe's website.